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Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Explained

Inbound Telemarketing The representatives are taking incoming calls from advertisements, either online of offline. Customers makes calls when they want to enquire on your advertised products or services.   Outbound Marketing The representatives are making outgoing calls to your prospect leads. Usually representatives calls your prospects to sell products or just simply set appointments.   […]

Advantages of Flyer Distribution

Singapore is an advance digital age with more and more investing in online marketing. However, some offline marketing is still very much effective.   Legal Is it still legal to distribute flyers in Singapore? Yes, it’s still legal to distribute flyers in Singapore as long as you do not cause public nuisance and leave your […]

Benefits of SMS Marketing

High Open Rate The highest recorded open rates on text messages is about 98% and that is extremely high compare to e-mail marketing. Your consumers doesn’t need internet access in sms marketing! Wide Demographic Reach more people from all walks of life! There are 4.53M smartphone users in Singapore, that’s in addition to those who […]

How Financial Advisors Can Adopt an MDRT Mindset

1) Psychology of Selling Adopt a probability mindset. Selling is a numbers game. Good Case Scenario 50 leads = 35 appointments = 10 Closed = 10k Commission   2) Massive Amount of Efforts Never ever believe in talent  Top Financial Advisors are made and not born. Success = Right Strategy + Massive amount of Efforts […]

The 2 Biggest Lies Insurance Agency Leaders Tell Their Financial Advisors You May Never Know !

Insurance Lie # 1: We are family Some financial advisors may get over complacent because they have nice and kind agency leaders who treat them like family and are always encouraging and supportive towards them. These financial advisors may get over reliance and over dependence on their agency leaders for their own success and results Would you […]