Find out how we achieve 53% increase in sales for cleaning service.

Novo House Cleaning has been operating for 8 years and have tried various marketing strategies for their business. While distributing flyers was getting enquires, it was difficult to grow beyond the current volume. Without website, they are only closing the deal through phone call. Novo House Cleaning started to look for additional sources of leads to fuel the growth of the business.

Initial Findings

The website is an effective platform for showcasing what they have to offer. The client wanted a simple website that can present their current services and contact information.

Cleaning services are a kind of business that can benefit most from going online. We felt that online traffic can completely outperform their foot traffic. On the other-hand, it’s not a completely easy task, after all, many consumers still opting to popular companies such as Helpling and Whissh.


Without the same level of brand recognition, it is impossible to get people to book just by a phone call.

We decided that we would create a page that gets people to sign up directly to their website for a free quotation. This is a proven approach that can work because it helps consumers avoid information overload.


Novo House Cleaning started to gain the trust of potential customer through their responsive website with a combination of human customer service.

In the first month, the usual closed cases increased by 53%.

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