Digital Marketing for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

1. Content Creation

First, you need to have your content before you can market your services online. There are 2 types of content:

Micro-content is any content that can be consumed in 10-30 seconds or less. Yes! A reader with an 8 seconds of attention span would love these!

  • Forms of Micro-content
  • Infographics / Graphs / Tables / Charts
  • Short video clips
  • Images/Quotes
  • Illustrations
  • Memes
  • Gif
  • Tips
  • Short listicles

Macro-content on the other hand gives the full information of the micro-content. This consists of any content that takes 10 minutes and more to consume. It can be any of the mentioned forms in micro-content but much longer.


2. Website Optimisation and SEO Keyword

Website optimisation is important to generate leads online. Your website must be snappy. In this stage, you don’t want your website to load poorly. Your page must align with the services you are offering. Take advantage of online features such as creating forms and displaying images and videos. Adding forms to capture leads along with the information about the plan is a great way to attract visitor to read more and sign up for it making them pre-qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimisation keywords is very important to rank your website on search engine results. Using heading tags (h1, h2, h3) helps google to capture relevant information on your page.


3. Email Marketing

For this strategy, we will be sharing the Free Gmail Blast you can use.

List. First, you need to have valid email database – a database of consumers you want to target. It can be random valid emails as well.

Content. If your list are old customers or prospects, then ideal way is to send an announcement such as product update, follow up, etc. If your list is random consumers, then it’s best to send them more information of your products.


4. Social Media

Be social! Did you know that in 2019, there are 3.6M Facebook users and 1.9M Instagram users in Singapore. You can use this to educate your friends (and strangers) online regarding insurance and its importance to everyone. This is also a great way to redirect them to your website to add value to your page.


5. Classified Ads

Posting on classified ads can help for product awareness as well. Just reminder that you might need to enter your information, so it is better to have your work phone separated from your personal phone.


Below are on top of the list as well:

Gumtree Singapore


Locanto Singapore

Singapore Expats Classifieds


Advantage: Top of the Search page

Disadvantage: Marketers might contact you as well (So only provide information that you want to make public)


Ready to Start?



There are great ways to create brand awareness online and it takes time. The result is not instant however you are generating qualified leads – quality over quantity.


Remember, it is your job and responsibility to treat your generated leads right and with respect once you get their information. Do not spam them.

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