Effective Lead Generation Strategies in Singapore

Effective Lead Generation Strategies in Singapore That Are Affordable Or Even Free!

Should advertising bring you clients? The inconvenient truth is: marketing and sales are two separate activities that are intended to bring you profits. Here are some effective marketing strategies that you can use for your business.

  1. Business Cards

    Are you just going to hand your prospects with a business card that only has your contact details? Why not put your services at the back too or a calendar so people have another reason to keep your card.

  2. Discount vouchers

    In business, many people will ask you for discounts. Discount vouchers are like magnets that attracts customers to your business. You can market your business by putting some information on your discount vouchers whether it’s digital or printed vouchers.

  3. Cold calling

    Telemarketing can be intimidating but it’s still quite effective these days. Experienced telemarketers can handle objections on the spot and any enquiries can be addressed immediately.

  4. Surveys

    Surveys are quite challenging but it gives you more specific lead criteria that you need. You can use online surveys or printed out survey forms.

  5. Social Media Stories

    In the world of social media, possibilities are endless. You can post stories to your Instagram or Facebook about your business or even ask your satisfied clients to post their experiences (only if they want to, of course) to gain a bit of popularity online.

  6. Directories

    There a lot of popular directories where you can put your business information for an online exposure. This will make it easier for potential clients to find you.

  7. Flyers

    Flyer distribution will never get old. Even if we’re getting more digital, having a handy paper with your business information written on it, is still a convenient way to promote your services. Some people needs some rest away from the screen and prefer to read the nice layout of your printed flyers.

  8. Word-of-mouth

    This can be a referral system or just purely satisfied customers who happen to have friends that needs your services. The best strategy is keeping your clients happy which will eventually recommend your services to others.

  9. Business Page

    Creating a Facebook page is not just for the sake of having it. Facebook Business page can run ads! You can run various advertisements on Facebook such as lead generation, website traffic, and more.

  10. Buy database list

    Need somewhere to start? Buy a database list wherein you can use for promoting your business and eventually close sales. Look at as many leads as possible, and then narrow them down as they go through the funnel.



There are many ways to market your business online and offline that both intends to bring profits. Generally, you will start from broad target audience that you will nurture and eventually turn them into clients.

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