Lies Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Tell

The 2 Biggest Lies Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Tell Their Employees That You May Never Know !

Lie no.1: We are family

Some employees may get over complacent because they have nice and kind bosses or managers who treat them like family and are always encouraging and supportive towards them. These employees may get over reliance
and over dependence on their leaders for their own success and results

Would you tell your son actually you are very outstanding but however you do not fit into our family culture therefore you need to move on to find another papa and mama if he ever under perform in school. You won’t !

Some leaders try to create a family-liked work culture and would tell their employees we are family. However, when things go wrong or whenever their production is low, the company will have no choice but have to ask the employee to leave and there is nothing they can do about it.

Therefore the relationship between the company and employee can be at most be a family liked business relationship. As much as your leaders would like to treat you like a friend and family member, production still matters

Dear employees, always remember your relationship with your boss is a inter-dependent one. Make sure you have clearly defined career goals. As you draw your monthly paycheck, make sure you add value to your organisation too and you keep learning and upgrade yourself so that you can be valuable anywhere be it getting a promotion in the company or moving on to another company or starting your own business in the future.


Lie no.2: Always remember lie no. 1.

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