[Step 1] 8 Step by Step Strategy for Financial Advisors to Generate Leads Online Using Digital Marketing

1. Content Creation

Content Creation to Generate Leads Online

First of all, you need to have your content before you can market your services online. There are 2 types of content:



Micro-content is any content that can be consumed in 10-30 seconds or less. Yes! A reader with an 8 seconds of attention span would love these!

Forms of Micro-content

  • Infographics / Graphs / Tables / Charts

  • Short video clips
  • Images/Quotes

  • Illustrations
  • Memes

  • Gif
  • Tips
  • Short listicles


Macro-content on the other hand gives the full information of the micro-content. This consists of any content that takes 10 minutes and more to consume. It can be any of the mentioned forms in micro-content but much longer.



For your page to get noticed and not be forgotten, the volume of your post is very important. You can create a macro-content and make it a micro-content and post it everyday. For example, you can make a 20-minute educational video and crop the highlights of the content and post it on you social media accounts.


Remember, it is your job and responsibility to treat your generated leads right and with respect once you get their information. Do not spam them.

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