[Step 2] 8 Step by Step Strategy for Financial Advisors to Generate Leads Online Using Digital Marketing

2. Website Optimisation and SEO Keyword

Website Optimisation and SEO Keyword to Generate Leads Online


Website optimisation is important to generate leads online. Your website must be snappy. In this stage, you don’t want your website to load poorly. Your page must align with the services you are offering. Take advantage of online features such as creating forms and displaying images and videos. Adding forms to capture leads along with the information about the plan is a great way to attract visitor to read more and sign up for it making them pre-qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimisation keywords is very important to rank your website on search engine results. Using heading tags (h1, h2, h3) helps google to capture relevant information on your page. For example:

Screenshot above shows the top searched (aside from paid AD before these results) insurance companies in Singapore when you type “Insurance in Singapore”. You will notice keywords such as Online Insurance Company, Insurance coverage in Singapore, Life insurers, etc. These keywords are all related to Insurance in Singapore. You also need to think this, if people want insurance, what do you think they will type when they search for insurance agents?


Remember, it is your job and responsibility to treat your generated leads right and with respect once you get their information. Do not spam them.

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