[Step 4] 8 Step by Step Strategy for Financial Advisors to Generate Leads Online Using Digital Marketing

4. Social Media

How to get more leads on Social Media


1. Profile

First impression lasts! Your profile if important for the visitors. Having complete information about you or your products is essential to build trust with your visitors. Tip: Add call-to-action buttons such as Book Now, Call, Sign Up, etc.


2. Create clickable content

Best example of this is your Facebook or Instagram stories. You can include link on your story. However, if you do not have the swipe up feature like in Instagram due to small number of followers, you can use other Instagram feature like send reactions. This feature makes it easier for you and your prospect to contact each other. Just few taps away.

What FA See


What Prospect See


3. Offer Incentives

Give discount codes, vouchers, giveaways or even webinar access in exchange for their information.


Remember, it is your job and responsibility to treat your generated leads right and with respect once you get their information. Do not spam them.

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