[Step 8] 8 Step by Step Strategy for Financial Advisors to Generate Leads Online Using Digital Marketing

8. LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads Online

LinkedIn is a great way to find professional leads. Build your connection and turn them to potential client. Like in social media Facebook and Instagram, you need to create a reputable profile. A short introduction of “What do you do?” Secondly, add more connections but play fair at the same time. Clicking connect button numerous times to people you don’t really know may backfire. Another thing you can do in LinkedIn is to follow your current clients and prospects and celebrate their accomplishments. To generate leads in LinkedIn, you need to make content or post and update, share links and articles, etc. so your profile will constantly show in your connections feed. That way you are bringing awareness of your brand across LinkedIn.


Remember, it is your job and responsibility to treat your generated leads right and with respect once you get their information. Do not spam them.

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