8 Ways Financial Advisors Can Generate Leads to Increase Sales

If you are a financial advisor looking for ways to generate leads to increase revenue, thenread on. Here are 8 ways that you can use.


  1. Networking

Anyone has a certain degree of influence within their circle. Be at work, community church, parent association, or at the gym.  Getting involved in your local community events is a fantastic way to meet new people and gain exposure. Grow your network by attending conferences, sports events, product launching, charity runs.  Link up with people from different industries.  Learn to look beyond social status and age. The barber at the corner of the street could introduce you to the client you have been eyeing.  Maintain a good number of people and strengthen your relationship with them. These are the people that can help you bring in the prospects.  As Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t build a business – you build people – and the people build a business.”

  1. Distribution of Flyers

Flyer distribution is an effective way to promote your service. Advertising through flyer distribution does not require an enormous budget. It is an affordable campaign method that initiates interest in potential clients. Print unique, eye-catching flyers. Be clear with the message you want to convey. Too much information may confuse them. Organize the content. Let the reader knows what service you offer.

They can be distributed directly to your targeted market.  Be sure to put your contact numbers and business address. Indicating your website too will drive traffic to your landing page. Finding the right venue to distribute them is essential. Know the areas where your targeted audience would usually go.

  1. Social Media

Social media is probably the most influential digital platform today if used correctly. It is a low-cost marketing campaign used by small and large companies. It promotes brand awareness and helps increase revenue.  Enables businesses to connect to their prospective clients. There are 2.6 billion daily users of social media. Twitter has 300 million monthly active users. 1 billion people use Instagram monthly. LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites for business entities. Take advantage of online platforms to boost your sales. Create relevant content to entice viewers. Through social media, you can derive relevant information about your followers’ needs and interests. Their online activity is a giveaway clue on the best time of the day that you can drop them a message and introduce yourself.  To build a good following, post contents that will elicit a response from your followers. Be genuine and sincere to build rapport. Make sure to reply to queries.

Collaborating with social media influencers is also a viable way to bring in quality leads. Choose the right influencer with a large following of your targeted audience.Using paid ads can also expand your market reach and increase viewer engagement.

  1. Host Seminars

Organize a free seminar to educate people on financial services. Live, face-to-face events attract large groups of people.   Personal connection is an easy way to know your Prepare printed materials as supplementary information and guide. Bring forth answers that they cannot get from other sources.  In this way, your audience will not feel that they are only there to empty their wallets. Also, choose the proper venue to hold the event.

  1. Website

An online presence helps boost products and services.  It represents you online 24/7. Integrate a website into your marketing campaign to convert more leads. You do not need outstanding technical skills to build a website. As a beginner, you can create a professional-looking website from website builders such as Wix and WordPress.  Opt for a good design and page layout.  Create a landing page that showcases easy-to-understand information about your service. Highlight the solutions you provide to achieve client satisfaction.    Make the pages visually appealing that the viewer will scroll down and check out all your website content.  Use captivating images and compelling videos. Make your website user-friendly. Viewers must be able to navigate effortlessly to get the information they need from you. Keep in mind that visitors browsing your page could convert into potential leads and long-term business relationships. Post forms that viewers can use to fill in their contact information.  Add a contact page that shows your phone number, email address, and business address. Give them options to reach you.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is publishing a journal, photography, or videos on the internet. It is updated regularly with original content and allows viewers to post comments and engage in conversations. Posting relevant information consistently about your service can significantly increase your sales.  Frequent updates will make your blog readers keep coming back and eventually share their contact information with you.  A sure-fire way to generate interest from viewers is not only by posting information about your services.  Share your knowledge on other subject matters.  Come up with a unique topic that has never been used online and write a remarkable article about it. There are free blog hosting sites to choose from. WordPress and Wix are one of the best free blog hosting sites.

  1. Banner Ads

Banner advertising also called display advertising is an effective way to promote your service online. Using attractive display ads is a great way to grab attention. Post on specific websites for your targeted audience. They can be clickable and lead a viewer directly to your landing page.  Banner ads are easy to create and cost-effective. It can be a static banner ad, a simple image that speaks a lot about your service. Or an animated banner ad, which uses sound and slides to catch attention. They can be placed on top of an article, embedded within an article, at the end of an article, left or right-hand side, website sidebars, or at the top of websites pages. You may collaborate with website owners to buy ad space.

  1. Podcast

Podcast is a digital audio file on the internet that is downloadable. It can be a powerful digital tool to spread your message from anywhere and anytime.  People can listen to podcasts on their ride home from work, during lunch break, or jogging.  Invest time in creating content about the service you offer. Catch the listener’s attention by addressing issues they face like budgeting, preparing for college education, or choosing the right health plan for their parents. These will solicit questions and keep them engaged. A podcast is a means to foster interaction with your subscribers.  Speak clearly and audibly.

Bring in a guest speaker to draw listeners to your podcast. It makes valuable content. Your audience gets a different viewpoint and precious advice.

As a beginner, there is no need to use complicated devices to record your voice. You can start with your iPhone, iPad, or laptop microphone. Provide links to your website, social media accounts, and contact number. Use as many channels as possible for your podcasts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

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