How Financial Advisors Can Adopt an MDRT Mindset

1) Psychology of Selling

Adopt a probability mindset. Selling is a numbers game.

Good Case Scenario
50 leads = 35 appointments = 10 Closed = 10k Commission


2) Massive Amount of Efforts

  • Never ever believe in talent
  •  Top Financial Advisors are made and not born.
    Success = Right Strategy + Massive amount of Efforts

Am I cut out to be a financial advisor? No, you are not. You have to cut yourself out to be whatever you want to be.

Top 3 tips to follow up leads

1) Make 8 attempts to reach leads
Most salespeople call 1-2 times and give up. Our research has shown that making 8 attempts is a magic number. You can dramatically improve your meet up rate by making 9 attempts to call your leads.

2) Follow up on Wed/Thu 4pm-5pm
Our research has shown that prospects are more responsive on some days than others.

3) Always remember and exercise tip no. 1 and 2 diligently.


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