The 2 Biggest Lies Insurance Agency Leaders Tell Their Financial Advisors You May Never Know !

Insurance Lie # 1: We are family

Some financial advisors may get over complacent because they have nice and kind agency leaders who treat them like family and are always encouraging and supportive towards them. These financial advisors may get over reliance
and over dependence on their agency leaders for their own success and results

Would you tell your son actually you are very outstanding but however you do not fit into our family culture therefore you need to move on to find another papa and mama if he ever under perform in school. You won’t !

Some agency leaders try to create a family-liked work culture and would tell their Financial Advisors we are family. However, when things go wrong or whenever their production is low, the insurance company will have no choice but have to ask the agent to leave and there is nothing the agency leader can do about it.

Therefore the relationship between the insurance company and Financial Advisor can be at most be a family liked business relationship. As much as your agency leaders would like to treat you like a friend and family member, production still matters



Dear Financial Advisors, so never ever get complacent. Make sure you pump up your productions to achieve at least a MDRT. Always remember your relationship with your insurance company that you work with is an inter-dependent relationship. You only live once. So give your best !

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Lie # 2: Always remember lie # 1 !



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