Discover the TOFU Strategy: How Financial Advisors Can Generate More Leads Online for FREE

Top of the Funnel – this is where the “product awareness” happens. At this stage, your prospects are still starting to ask questions, think about their opinions and are still looking for resources. Prospects might not be able to see the need for insurance or savings in your industry. This is when you can show and inspire them what they need.


Resources that you can provide to your prospective clients:

E-books. A feature to provide or download e-book is a great way to capture leads. Make sure that the content of the e-book aligns with their area of interest. This is very useful for people who likes reading and discovering information.


Educational Seminars. When a prospect signs up for your seminars, you are 1 step closer to them. You are giving them information while you receive their information as well. This is another great way to teach them the importance and benefits of your financial planning products and services. Eventually, some of those who attends the seminars or webinars become a qualified lead.


Blogs. Share useful information to your blog visitors who aren’t your client yet and also to your existing clients. Blogs is the way to express your personality to your clients bringing them closer to you. Remember to use strong keywords when you are blogging as this will help your website to rank on top of the search engines.


Social Media Accounts. Educating your friends on social media is another way to get leads online. In 2019, there are 3.6M Facebook users and 1.9M Instagram users in Singapore. This platform is ideal to promote your products and eventually turn them into qualified leads.

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