Benefits of SMS Marketing

High Open Rate

The highest recorded open rates on text messages is about 98% and that is extremely high compare to e-mail marketing. Your consumers doesn’t need internet access in sms marketing!

Wide Demographic

Reach more people from all walks of life! There are 4.53M smartphone users in Singapore, that’s in addition to those who haven’t upgraded their basic phones. You can also customise your target audience to save you some cost and time.

Can Combine with Other Marketing Strategies

According to, in Singapore, there are 4.6M mobile internet users in 2019. That means higher chance of opening your online website from a discount offer through SMS.

Fast Delivery

Short and sharp SMS are time effective. You can reach thousands of customers in just a day. Instantly getting responses too.


SMS still have an easy way out if customers do not want to hear from your business. Under the Do-Not-Call registry, with effect from 2 January 2014, Singapore consumers are now able to start opting out from advertisement messages and telemarketing calls. This is to ensure that either parties would cause any inconveniences.

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