What Is Telemarketing And Is It Effective?

Telemarketing is a strategy used by companies to reach out to potential clients over the phone, or via web-based video conferencing. It includes Inbound calls, outbound calls, and B2B (business-to-business) telemarketing.

Telemarketing may still be considered a traditional method to increase profits. But through decades it has been proven to be an effective marketing tool to sell products and promote services.  With a well-planned strategy and integration of technological tools, telemarketing can speed up ROI. Sales professionals agree that cold calling is still the best strategy. Cold calls save time and money in closing sales. With just a phone call, prospective clients may be reached anywhere at any time of the day. Agents can set appointments over the phone. Telemarketing is still a viable marketing strategy because it involves human interaction. You build trust and good rapport through one-on-one conversations. A warm, friendly tone of voice will most likely make a client agree to meet up for an appointment with your sales representative. Compose a sales pitch that shows outstanding benefits your prospect will gain.

Outbound calls allow Telemarketers to communicate directly to the end consumer or decision-maker. It is a personal approach to gathering information from prospective clients. Knowing your client’s needs is key to providing them the right product. Personal calls help build a good relationship and gain trust from customers. Telemarketing can be stressful too.  At times it affects the agent’s performance.  Using a script helps keep a good flow of conversation.  It aids in relaying the important points to maintain consistent calls. The telemarketer must also learn how to handle objections. Provide training and schedule regular team discussions to enhance their skills. Team meet-ups are a helpful way to motivate them and give encouragement.

Today, Outbound Telemarketing can be performed remotely. Call Centres can let their agents handle calls with a mobile app. An inbuilt system records the conversation to evaluate telemarketer performance. It is an effortless way to identify areas that need improvement in managing calls.


Using Telemarketing to Invest Your Profits

With Inbound Telemarketing, there is a greater chance of obtaining higher returns. Telemarketers receive calls from customers that already express interest in goods or services offered by a company.  These potential customers may have seen the products advertised in the newspaper or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They may be calling in to inquire about product warranty or performance. Inbound telemarketing is a customer-oriented marketing strategy.  Therefore, agents must always practice outstanding customer service. Sound knowledge of company products and services is essential. They must be able to take orders, handle requests and resolve issues.  Investing in the proper training of your inbound agents is as important as investing in good quality call centre equipment. Just like outbound telemarketing, excellent training and coaching are crucial to achieving remarkable results.

B2B Telemarketing is a cost-efficient, dynamic method to generate quality leads, increase brand awareness, or conduct research. B2B buyers still prefer to be contacted by phone. In live phone conversations, telemarketers have their client’s full attention, an opportunity to convince the prospect to agree on meeting up. Handling calls with a high-level decision-maker can be challenging. The telemarketer should give compelling reasons why the buyer should consider doing business with your company.  Build your credibility to gain solid business relationships. Let the buyers feel that they are valued and get all the assistance they need. Connect with the buyer at a personal level. Show interest in the buyer by understanding their specific needs and give recommendations. Active listening is a skill that call agents should always apply.

In any form of telemarketing method, it is imperative to keep your lead database up to date.  A well-managed database saves time. It ensures relevant information is stored correctly.

To attain a successful telemarketing strategy, make follow-up calls. It helps boost sales. This is when the telemarketer uses persuasion skills to convert leads into loyal customers. Follow-up calls show your commitment to serving your client and eventually foster a long-term relationship.  With a follow-up call, your customer will feel valued and taken care of.

Invest in telemarketing to increase awareness of your brand, generate leads, gather pertinent data, and enhance business relationships. It is a feasible marketing tool that will increase revenue.

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