Telemarketer’s Do’s and Don’ts

Regardless of the industry, contacting potential leads over the phone can be intimidating and tiring. Here’s how you can make one of the most challenging jobs you’ll ever have — telemarketer — easier.

The Do’s of Telemarketing

  1. TIMING. No one wants to receive telemarketing calls when they are in the middle of enjoying their favourite dinner. So plan your schedule accordingly.
  2. PROFESSIONALISM. You might be calling at inconvenient time, be courteous and start with warm greeting. Remember you are representing the company.
  3. ORGANISE. Ensure that your list are organised and following the PDPA guidelines.
  4. SCRIPT. The first 10 seconds of the call is crucial so having a script that is direct to the point helps to avoid boring the prospect. Be prepared with sales points as well as rebuttals to any questions or concerns they have.
  5. PRACTICE. Do practice your script with friends or colleague. Trainings are usually provided by the company as well.

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The Don’ts of Telemarketing

  1. Negativity. Don’t get yourself discouraged easily. You will likely only speak to the 10% of the calls you make. If you have a lot of negative experiences in making the calls, figure out how to get that sales next time.
  2. Control. Remember, you are the expert. Don’t let them take control of the call. If you feel like the contact is just arguing for the sake of arguing, just bid them a professional farewell.
  3. DNC. Never call someone who are registered under the Do Not Call list. This might put you in legal danger.
  4. Follow up. Do not forget to follow up. Potential sales could just be hiding in your follow ups.
  5. Don’t take it easy. Don’t be too comfortable if you hit the target goal. Don’t take it easy in the next day. Know that the calling and sale cycle is constantly in motion.


Telemarketers aren’t very much welcome to people but with these do’s and don’ts it will help you navigate one of the toughest jobs. Their negative comments are not meant for you personally, you’ll still be able to keep your head up for the next call. Keep practicing and be professional, your time and effort will always pay off.

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