The Goal: Louis, a manager, who wants to grow his team to 100 agents.

The Stumbling Block: Louis, a 40 year old manager and a top sales producer in the industry. However, he has only 6 agents under him, including his wife and younger sister

When Louis was promoted to manager, he was pretty happy and excited. He hope that he can grow his agency force to 100 agents as he was inspired by one of the leaders who has a few hundred agents under him, making a couple of million dollars per year. He told himself “If he can do it, I can do it too cos I am more handsome and smarter than him !” He would like to grow his agency force and get promoted to become a director in a few years time but he finds it difficult to recruit people to join his team. Sometimes when he focused his energy on recruitment, his personal sales will start to decline, leading to a feeling of sadness and frustrations


Juzz recommended the “Lighting Speed Recruitment Package” an interview settings package whereby Juzz will schedule candidates to go and meet the agency leader for a job interview as financial consultants/wealth managers. He took a 50 recruitment settings package. Out of these 50 candidates, 16 of them turn up for the interview and he managed to recruit 3 of them.  Louis was very happy and he renewed the package again and again. Currently as of 16 Aug 2023, Louis has managed to build a team of more than 20 financial advisors in his agency and he is still growing.

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