The Goal: Jasper, a new financial consultant who wants to hit MDRT in his first year. COT in his second year. TOT in his third year

The Stumbling Block: Jasper, a one year old financial consultant warm leads finally dried up after 3 months. He longer has enough appointments to go for and his sales started to drop.

When Jasper just joined the financial planning industry, he had a dream and set goals for himself. He wanted to hit MDRT in his first year, COT in his second year and TOT in his third year. He planned to hit the goal by getting his friends, family and relatives to buy insurance from him and after that he will ask them to refer friends to buy insurance from him too.

He started the business by writing down 100 names and contacts in a sales program booklet where he use it as a little sales journal to track his sales and appointments.  He then start approaching his family and friends to buy insurance and it was pretty successfully. He managed to get both his parents, older sister, a few close relatives and friends to buy from insurance from him as they truly want to support him in the business.

However his warm market leads started to dry up after 3 months and he started to have very little appointments to go to.


Juzz recommended “ Targeted Leads sales package” to Jasper. A sales package where advisors will call the targeted leads and try to secure an appointment. Out of the 5000 leads he purchased from juzz, Jasper managed to fix 230 appointments and 80 of them turned up for the appointments and Jasper managed to close 30 cases from there and he made an average of $1000 from each case. Jasper was very happy and he renewed and renewed the package again and again to finally hit MDRT the next year.

The Math: ‘
30 cases closed@$1000 = $30,000
Less: Juzz Leads Cost = $(5,000)
Gross Profit             = $25,000

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